PureCommit Team
“’The success of any idea is in its implementation. In our case, success starts with the special chemistry of our team. With any other group, I would simply not be able to do so many great things with PureCommit.’’
About us
We are a strong company made up of dedicated technicians
PureCommit Team
We are working in a friendly atmosphere to help each other gain valuable skills while carrying out intellectually stimulating and ambitious projects.
— Opensource frontend developers
— Opensource backend developers
— Oracle Siebel™ developers
— UX/UI designers
— System analysts
— Quality analysts
— DevOps engineers
Currently, we are privileged to have the following employees working in our state:
At PureCommit, we have been helping our clients to optimize their IT solutions based on Oracle Siebel CRM.

We have combined known best practices with own proven methodologies and honed our approach on a variety of projects so that we are able to increase the stability and maximize the efficiency of our clients' systems.

We are a small pocket-integrator and value the reputation that we have earned specializing in a few services that we have learned to deliver efficiently and flawlessly.
Leonid Sadykov
Founder and QA Lead
Oracle Siebel CRM is one of the most complete customer relationship management solution, it covers many processes, like marketing, sales, call center, customer loyalty management, etc. but, unfortunately, UI offered out of the box and approach to customize it are very outdated.

Siebel CRM's way to develop UI doesn't allow to use modern frontend development practices and technologies (CSR, virtual DOM, reusable components, bundles, etc.) which are not only affect developer side, but improve performance and reduces load from servers and network.

At PureCommit we are working on breathing new life into existing enterprise solutions based on Siebel CRM in the safest way.
Igor Garaba
Co-Founder and frontend developer
Modern outsource database solutions provides full-cycle data management capabilities, such as administration, backup, and heterogeneous data migration. At the same time, the solutions are proprietary and require the purchase of a license.

Our team has many years of experience working with various storage and data management systems, including open-source.

Our background ensures a high level of expertise in solving a wide range of tasks.
Marsel Sabirov
Lead of DB practice
At PureCommit we help business build an intelligently designed digital future.

Tell us about your idea, and we’ll offer the most fitting technological solution.
Mikhail Tsyplakov
Lead of development
Having perfected our approach, we are ready to ensure the delivery of a high-quality product and to do so by side-stepping unnecessary managers and intermediaries
Working with us
If you are looking to develop your skills and acquire new ones and to do challenging work that you can be proud of, send us your resume and we'll get right back to you.

Because we are an international company and deal with foreign customers, our employees have a good opportunity for relocation.
OPEN positions
developing automated pipelines and CI/CD tools
DevSecOps engineer
Sales manager
concluding and supporting transactions for the implementation and development of information systems
developing metrics and notifications
implementing Static code analysis (SASTs) tools and dynamic analysis tools (DASTs)
introducing tools for finding sensitive information
automating development tools in the Siebel part, including workspaces and norepo metadata
automating standard procedures (updating, creating, and configuring servers)
building and maintaining relationships with clients
with verbal and written communications
with technologies and best practices for the promotion and sale of IT products
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