We understand that, working online, you need to be able to provide guarantees and follow a well-established process.
Process & Guarantees
Let us explain why we deserve your trust in the quality of work that we do
End-to-End flexible process
Preliminary audit
Many companies skip this stage, but we take it seriously and, as a result, are prepared to offer a clearly defined procedure, set of deadlines, and evaluation.
These are elementary but still important steps.
Employee supervision
Each employee working on your project will have a supervisor who constantly monitors the progress of the work and stays on top of each step until completion. We bear this cost ourselves so that our employees develop in their roles and know that they have the support to face any challenge.
Key advantages
To summarize the results of our work, we are always ready to collect and present performance metrics in the form of an exhaustive, no-cost report and to allocate employees for outstaffing in order to implement a plan and provide a high-quality SLA for the required support period.
Performance assessment
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You should be calm and feel protected
You should be calm and feel protected
You should be calm and feel protected
We back up our commitment to maintain a spotless reputation and develop long-term relationships with our clients by offering professional liability insurance.
Professional liability insurance
We thought about how to provide our customers with a comprehensive guarantee that they will be satisfied with the refinement of their IT systems.
Professional liability insurance protects small businesses by covering the costs associated with legal defense and claims settlements when clients are involved in lawsuits.
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The level of insurance can be adjusted according to customers’ desire for indemnity protection.
Our insurance